In the year of the hip-hop collective, an all-black wearing group from Harlem, New York, might be the one that gets remembered the most at the end of the year. The A$AP crew consists of artists, producers, and clothing designers just to name a few of the things they do.

One of the collective’s most notable artists/fashion designers is A$AP Ferg. After the crews leader Rocky, Ferg can be identified as the next most promising member. Though Ferg might be from Harlem, his style is from all around the country. The past year has been crazy for everyone in A$AP and we recently sat down with the Fergenstein to see what is on the horizon.

UPC: In the past year, the mob has gone from staying local in Harlem to touring with Drake on the Club Paradise tour and you guys recently were touring in Europe. How has the total lifestyle change affected you?

Ferg: When you’re on the road so much the road becomes your home. You get adapted to sleeping a new hotel room every night, we are kicking it with so many greats from Jeremy Scott all the way to George Clinton, basically legends of the past and the present. While touring we get to see a whole new world of other cultures and it inspires my music. We are all treated like royalty by the greats which is the best thing about it. I went from watching these greats on tv to actually performing in shows with them, I feel blessed.

UPC:  Everyone knows you all represent Harlem. During the Pitchfork Selector freestyle everyone was going hard but then you came out of nowhere with a sing-song chant that was nothing but 100% Harlem. What is it about Harlem that influences that sing-song chanty rap style and why does it influence you so much?

Ferg: My Rap style was born in Harlem but its anything but Harlem. A lot of rappers in Harlem rap in a monotone voice, some of my inspiration comes from Philly rappers and the passion they put into rhyme. I grew up listening to Read Dollars, Kaboom, Meek Mills and Beanie Sigel, they rap as if it’s a sport and losing a rap battle was forbidding in Philly. My hustle and swag comes from Harlem, that’s about it.


UPC:  Is versatility important to you in your music? From Pitchfork, to your verse on “Kissing Pink,” and rapping over a very stripped down beat on “100 Million Roses,” it has been very hard to classify you as a rapper. Why do you think your style can go over almost any style of hip-hop?

Ferg: I am definitely a rapper but I’m a rapper that has a lot of different styles. Versatility is definitely important to me because I have so many ideas and I get bored quick of anything that’s repetitious. I do what feels right, so if the beat is telling me to sing I’m not gonna try to rap on it.

UPC: Were any of your fans surprised after your featured verse on STS’ song “Great Mood“? That was the first time I saw you go into more of a traditional “hip-hop” mode and thought your verse stole the song.

Ferg: I don’t think they were because they know that I kill every freestyle in a traditional or non traditional rap way, I think they just thought it was a great song.

photo-1UPC: How would you describe your role on the A$AP Mob album Lord$ Never Worry?

Ferg: For the mob album you [hear] me on a lot of cuts with the group whether it’s the “Ferginstein” me with fun melody or the “Trap Lord” me with a lil bit of rythem and pain. The next project that’s going out under A$AP Worldwide will be my mixtape which will be a sensation around the world. I think it will be dope.

UPC: You are also an entrepreneur, bringing back your father’s clothing line Ferg Apparel. What is the status of the clothing line right now?

Ferg: I held off onthe Ferg Apparel line to work on the A$AP Ferg Trap Lord Merchandise, which is available now.

UPC: Now that the Mob album is out, what can we expect from everyone’s favorite Trap Lord?

Ferg: Expect the unexpected and be ready for good visuals with beautiful girls who enjoy stripping off there designer clothes to show the world what God gave them.

Check out Ferg’s video for his single “Work” below and don’t forget to download the A$AP Mob compilation album, Lord$ Never Worry, at