Ryan & Smitty are an on-the-rise production team from LA who have signed under Cee-Lo Green’s management team, Primary Wave Music. They are most notably known for working with Nicki Minaj but also have done work with Bad Boy’s Los and Lady Gaga as well. They recently took the time to sit down and talk with UPC about some of their work.

UPC: How did you two originally meet?

Ryan: It’s a long story, but about 5 years ago we met in Los Angeles through friends who met each other. We started our work together around 3 years ago.

Smitty: It was a twist of fate we both worked on our homie Rob-Jay’s EP and when Ryan graduated USC we decided to start working everyday.

UPC: Do you have any accomplishments to date that are notable?

Ryan: At this point our record with Nicki Minaj “HOV Lane” is getting the most hype. We got a record called “Fast Forward” with an artist named Jaicko on the charts about 2 years ago and were also Emmy nominated for the song “3-Way” that we did for SNL. We are really focused on what we are doing right now.

Smitty: The best is yet to come.

UPC: Tell us about the production process…

Ryan: It varies because we do work in so many different ways. Some days we’ll be making beats and others we’ll write the entire song to some guitar or piano.

Smitty: Production is the fun part. We have so many tools and sounds at our disposal that a lot of our production gets done during the writing process.

UPC: What is your favorite genre? 

Ryan: Rock. Just the whole mentality of it. But I don’t think genres really exist in the same way they used to. There are rappers and DJ’s who fall into the rock category for me.

Smitty: I don’t really have a favorite genre. I’m constantly finding out about new music and finding ways to appreciate them. Meeting Ryan, I’ve been exposed to a lot of rock that I never would have been exposed to.

UPC: Describe the sound or feel you want your music to portray…

Ryan: I want to make music that evokes emotion. But I’ve always been kind of a sonics nerd so too so we are definitely trying to make our records larger than life.

Smitty: We wanna make everything emotional. If it needs to be aggressive than make it overly aggressive.

UPC: What can we expect from Ryan & Smitty in the near future?

Ryan: Just more, and more often.

Smitty: In the freshest way possible.