Here’s Kanye‘s contribution on RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack, which is looking like one of the better soundtracks released lately. Listeners will notice a nostalgic feeling, as ‘Ye rhymes over a soulful ballad produced by the RZA, with the assistance of Chicago’s own Tapez & Boogz. Look out for the film which hits theaters November 2nd. Also, check out this excerpt from the FADER, where RZA explains how the track came to life:

I brought Kanye West in first. He came into the editing room, and he went and wrote a beautiful song for the scene I showed him. A beautiful scene with a lot of beautiful ladies. He just said, ‘Wow, that’s beautiful. The colors is beautiful. The girls is definitely pretty.” And I said, ‘Well listen to what Lucy Liu starts to sing. That idea is all you need to take. It’s gotta be about somebody lovely.’ I had given him one other piece of advice. I said, ‘Think of Ghostface in the sense of how Ghostface did “Ice Cream”. And on “Wildflower,” where he kinda raps all the way through it. On “Wildflower” Ghostface does a super long verse, and Kanye’s second verse here is actually super long. We finished the song and he actually said to me, ‘I tried to make it Ghostface long.’