Whoever said two isn’t better than one clearly never has seen this photography. People vs. Places is a new collaborative photography blog created by Stephanie Bassos and Timothy Burkhart. Instead of highlighting both of their work individually, each takes photographs of either people or environments, superimposing the images upon each other to create an entirely new, transcient image. Bassos explains their double exposure concept, “we never know what the other is shooting, we just know that Stephanie is shooting people, and Tim is shooting places… and when we each finish a roll of film, we hand it over to each other… then we do it all over again.”

While the two images are separate from each other, the combinations offers a togetherness unseen before, literally unifying humanity with nature in unpredictable and unforeseen ways. Find more of these magnificent images over at People vs. Places. Credit goes to Mark Wilson over at FastCompany for the original, very eloquent, post.