Photography by Zach Dalzell.

Last Thursday, UPC had the honor of interviewing the Bingo Players after their crowd-moving performance at Glowfest Illinois. The international duo had the crowd with their hands in the air, bouncing up and down to their thunderous beats. Assembly Hall came alive as the colorful geometric shapes rotated on stage and the vibrant lights reflected off the fan’s faces. They seamlessly connected with the crowd and gave such a high energy performance that everyone was left chanting for more.

I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in to greet the Bingo Players. Dressed in all black, the two DJ’s, Paul Baümer and Maarten Hoogstraten, proceeded to move a chair between them and insisted that I take a seat. I would soon find out how down to earth the Bingo Players were, holding genuine smiles throughout, and cracking jokes at any chance they could.

UPC: I’ll start off with some basic questions. I’m sure you two have been asked these a lot… So what made you two pursue a career in the music industry?

Maarten: Well, we are big music fans. From just listening to music to correcting music. One day, we discovered that we both liked to produce music and make music on the computer. When we did that, we were like white forces making music and at a certain point we started DJing. That’s how we came about.

UPC: Who influences your music?

Maarten: For me it was Daft Punk.

Paul: Prodigy.

UPC: I am not really sure who Prodigy is…

Paul: You don’t know who Prodigy is?!

UPC: No…

Paul: Everybody has got to know who Prodigy is… so look it up on Youtube.

Maarten (A little behind on what is going on): Wait, you don’t know who Prodigy is?!

Paul: I’m not going to be difficult about this… but when you get home, Youtube Prodigy “Out Of Space.” They were like the big players.

UPC (To Maarten): And thats your hero?

Paul: They are for everybody. They did a lot for EDM.

UPC: I promise you that I will take a listen when I get home… In what ways has your sound evolved since when you started? Where do you see it progressing in the future?

Paul: We started in 2006, so six years ago. I think that we are influenced by everything we hear. It can be a Kanye West song or it can be an Axwell song, it doesn’t matter; it can be anything. But the good thing about music is that we can influence each other and it doesn’t have to be EDM all the time. We listen to a lot of different music as well, like hip hop or R&B, pop music or rock. Even 80’s or 90’s music; it can be very refreshing to put into your own music. So I don’t know how it evolved but you just listen to music and you always try to do new things with it. You never want to copy an old song. We do new production by always trying to do something new and something fresh.

UPC: Are you working on anything currently that is about to “wow” us?

Paul: Yeah, our new track, “Out Of My Mind,” is coming out November 12th. There will be a lot of new tracks coming out soon.

UPC: I’m so excited to hear that! Since you said that you listen to a lot of different music, what’s the latest song you have been into?

Paul: To be honest, I love the new Bruno Mars record. It’s a pop record but it sounds like the classic Police. I don’t know if you know them… Do you know the Police?

UPC: Yes, I know the Police.

Paul: You didn’t know Prodigy, so I’m just asking! It’s such a great pop record and I think it’s my favorite song right now.

Maarten: I couldn’t agree more with the Bruno Mars thing, but I also like to discover early 70’s or early 80’s music, like really obscure stuff. On iTunes you have the “people that bought this also liked” section. It’s like, you first get the Police and then you see the people who bought the Police also bought “this,” and you go deeper and deeper and deeper until you get really obscure music. So that is something really cool to do, to listen to music that you have never heard before.

UPC: What was the first thing that you did when you found out that you were ranked #66 on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ’s list?

Maarten: We had to play right after that, so it was like “Ok! Let’s go to the show!” The countdown was in Amsterdam, but at the time we were in France and we had to play, so it was straight away, “ Number 66! Ok, let’s go!”

Paul: We started this as friends who like music and producing. If you’re in the top 100 DJ’s in the whole world, that includes all different genres, it is a big honor to be honest. We are really happy about it. It’s great.

UPC: Where was the first venue you ever performed?

Paul: In Holland, we have Queens Day, where we celebrate the birthday of the Queen. It was in the end of April. It was our first show, and we were so nervous. We prepared every song and we played for an hour. We had a list printed out from the computer saying, “This is the first song, and it stops at three or four minutes and thirty seconds, and we go to the second one at this break. Then, at the third song we have like four minutes and forty-seven seconds and we have to mix in the next song!” It was crazy, we played for like 800 people.

Maarten: There were family and friends, so that’s extra pressure.

Paul: I’d rather play for 30,000 people that I don’t know than a 1,000 people that I know. Playing for family and friends, that is the worst!

Maarten: My mom doesn’t rage the hardest, as most people would like to think.

UPC: Do you still get nervous when you perform?

Paul: Not a lot to be honest. It’s more that I’m excited to play but nervous… only for the really big shows like EDC, Electric Zoo, and Ultra. I mean, when you play for like 40,000 to 60,000 people, then you get a little bit nervous, you know?

Maarten: I’m more nervous that nothing goes wrong. It is more about deliverance and hoping that everything works out.

Paul: I guess it changes from nervous to excited… and wanting to win the crowd and show the crowd a good time.

UPC: What was your weirdest crowd or fan experience?

Paul (Laughing): I’m not going to answer that!

Maarten: Weird crowds?! Well when we were beginning, we played at these clubs…

Paul (cutting Maarten off): I’m really curious on what he is going to say right now!

Maarten: Well in the beginning, nobody knows this but… in the beginning, when we told you about Queen’s Day, after that, we played at these “love” clubs in Holland. Sometimes, we had these sexual clubs, erotic clubs where people are dancing in latex. That’s the weirdest way to describe it, but hey are really cool! The weirdest thing we ever saw was a mother and daughter kissing each other and we were like, “What the fuck is happening over there?!” That was probably the weirdest crowd experience.

Paul: And I’m not even going to comment on that!

Maarten: It’s true!

UPC: That’s insane! Do you do anythings besides DJing? What are your interests?

Paul: There’s nothing we can do in this life but DJ. If we couldn’t make music or DJ then we would be bums. Like really poor bums.

UPC: So you think you would be a bum if you didn’t become a DJ?

Paul: No, if I wasn’t a DJ, I would still do something in the music industry. Like management or something behind the scenes.

UPC: Who is the number one artist that you aspire to perform with?

Paul: Who is my number one artist…Like any genre?

UPC: Yes, any genre. Dead or alive.

Paul: That’s a good question. Let me think…

Maarten: I know your answer! It’s easy… it’s K.I.S.S.

Paul: I have a couple rock bands that I really like so… I’m thinking (Motioning to Paul) What is yours?

Maarten: My favorite would be Daft Punk. That’s it. It’s my inspiration.

Paul (Cutting Maarten off): Mine is Prodigy!

UPC (Asking Maarten): Have you ever met Daft Punk?

Maarten: I met one of the guys. He was so cool and really humble.

Paul: I haven’t met anyone from Prodigy yet so I would love to meet Liam Howlett, the mind behind Prodigy, and talk about music with him and production. He’s the one.

UPC: True fans right here!

Paul: Yes, real fans.

Maarten: You should take a picture of Hardwell’s T-shirt. Did you see it?

UPC: No, I didn’t

Maarten: Well, take a picture of it.

Paul: What did he have on it?

Maarten: A Daft Punk shirt.

Paul: You’re such a fanboy Maarten…

Though the interview ended, the UPC crew had a chance to kick it with the Bingo Players and verify if Hardwell was indeed wearing a Daft Punk shirt (which he was!). From Family Guy references, playing some classic NES with SAVOY, and partying in true UPC fashion by poppin’ champagne bottles, the Bingo Players revealed their comedic side and invited us for a good time. Check out some more photos of the Glowfest Illinois concert below, which included sets by SAVOY and Hardwell. Photography by Zach Dalzell.