As mentioned not too long ago, UPC is launching a series of exclusive interviews with the University of Illinois students and athletes. Having started in the city of Urbana-Champaign with the original intent to only cater to the University of Illinois, it’s important for UPC to revisit those roots and serve our local community from time to time. In addition to bringing you interviews with notable artists throughout the music sphere, we’re kicking off a short profile series highlighting the preferences and tastes of individuals from our local scene who know what’s poppin’.

Recently, we had  the pleasure of talking to Jocelynn Birks of the Illinois women’s volleyball team, and had her answer a few questions for us. Jocelynn, from Lyons Township High School, was selected for the 2010 Sun-Times All-Area team as well as the ESPN All-America second team, and most recently named Big Ten Freshman of the Week. See what she had to say below.

UPC: If you had an introductory song, what would it be?

Jocelynn: “One Time” by Justin Bieber

UPC: What’s the biggest misconception of volleyball players that you’ve experienced?

Jocelynn: That we’re actually basketball players.

UPC: Favorite food spot on campus?

Jocelynn: Insomnia Cookies

UPC: Drink of choice?

Jocelynn: Water

UPC: Last movie you watched?

Jocelynn: Chernobyl Diaries

UPC: What is your “Most Played” song in iTunes?

Jocelynn: “Thought of You” by Justin Bieber

UPC: Any upcoming musical releases you’re excited about?

Jocelynn: Ke$ha’s new album definitely.

UPC: Who do you want to come perform at U of I?

Jocelynn: Justin Bieber

UPC: Who’s one artist you wish more people knew about?

Jocelynn: Jayme Dee

UPC: Favorite website or store to shop at?

Jocelynn: Forever 21

UPC: What are your favorite brands?

Jocelynn: Ugg, Nike and True Religion

Check out Jocelynn and the rest of the women’s volleyball team sometime this fall playing at home in Huff Hall. You can view the remainder of their 2012-13 schedule here.