The rumors are true. Rusko has released his new EP, KAPOW, as a free download to his fans. Enthusiastic listeners have already crashed his servers at least twice while attempting to download the EP. Free from his contract with Mad Decent, Rusko is now doing things on his own terms. “The natural thing for me to do is release ‘KAPOW’ myself,” he said in a press statement. “How I want. The way I want and at the speed I want.”

The dubstep king has started a new era and slightly shifted from his iconic sound. Though the womp-heavy tracks, “Yeah” and “Booyaksha,” still have an old Rusko feel, “Bring It Back” and “Like This” exemplify the new era with chord stabs and a moombahtonesque feel. This bouncing party will sure have you wondering what Rusko has next in store.

Download: Rusko – KAPOW EP [Direct]