What happens when everyones favorite stoner and an Oscar winning Southern legend work together? Magic happens; two of the trippest guys in the game right now have been releasing collaborations ever since Wiz‘s first installment of Cabin Fever. Juicy announced that he joined Taylor Gang sometime last year which has made the duo unstoppable, making it seem that they’ve found each other musically. Keep reading to check out the Top 10 Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J Collaborations.

10. Wiz Khalifa – Errday ft. Juicy J

Lex Luger provides the backdrop for the song that started it all. Definitely one of the fan favorites off Cabin Fever, considering Wiz was able to rap about groupies and his ratchet tour life, meshing perfectly with Juicy’s own subject matter.

Wiz Khalifa – Errday Lyrics

9. Wiz Khalifa – Ridin’ Round ft. Juicy J

The second installment of Cabin Fever was chalk full of collaborations between the two, but “Ridin’ Round” was definitely the stand out track on this one. Can you try to guess what they were doing in this one? I didn’t think so.

Wiz Khalifa – Ridin Round Lyrics

8. Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg – Smokin’ On ft. Juicy J

The first song off Wiz and Snoop’s collaborative project appropriately tapped Juicy J for a verse about the usual drugs, money and b*tches all over an even more appropriate Drumma Boy produced beat. “Where my mind at? Help me find it!”

Wiz Khalifa – Smokin On Lyrics

7. Wiz Khalifa – The Code ft. Lola Monroe, Chevy Woods & Juicy J

Wiz called upon most of his TGOD members for this Lex Luger collaboration, but lets face it, most of us are glad that Juicy spits first. And I must say, the way the Drug General jumps onto the beat is a prime example of his experience in the game. The man does not miss a beat.

Wiz Khalifa – The Code Lyrics

6. Wiz Khalifa – Gone ft. Juicy J

I don’t know what it is about these two that works so well but “Gone” is a perfect specimen to dissect. Especially considering the first few bars of Juicy’s verse: “That loud all I smoke, might fuck around and do blow, stripper b*tches on coke, pour gin down they throat.” Brilliant ignorance.

5. Wiz Khalifa – The Plan ft. Juicy J

One of the stand out tracks on Wiz’s sophomore album O.N.I.F.C., its only appropriate that this one made the list. You can stream the song below and cop it on iTunes. It’s worth the money.

Wiz Khalifa – The Plan Lyrics

4. Juicy J – Know Betta ft. Wiz Khalifa

With Juicy J and Crazy Mike behind the beat, and a sample from The Weeknd’s “Montreal” joint, there’s no way this song couldn’t have been a banger. Whether this will appear on Juicy’s upcoming album or if it’s just a promo track is still unknown.

Juicy J – Know Betta Lyrics

3. Wiz Khalifa – Medicated ft. Juicy J & Chevy Woods

My personal favorite off O.N.I.F.C. of course is a collaboration between the two. Juicy spits about how he smoked weed with Olympian Michael Phelps on the Danger produced beat.

Wiz Khalifa – Medicated Lyrics

2. Wiz Khalifa – My Favorite Song ft. Juicy J

This was one of the first leaks off Taylor Allderdice as well as the song that convinced me that these two are musically perfect for each other. With the combination of the beat and the way both ride over it, they deliver nothing less than a stand out track off the mixtape.

Wiz Khalifa – My Favorite Song Lyrics

1. Wiz Khalifa – Blindfolds ft. Juicy J

When the track list for Taylor Allderdice dropped and I saw all the upcoming collaborations between the two, I was overly excited, to say the least. I remember getting to the end of the mixtape only to hear “La Musica De Harry Fraud” in the beginning of the song. This beat touches my soul (no homo). I also learned about Juicy’s love for Louie on this one. It definitely deserves the number one spot and I hope to see this trio working again soon.

Wiz Khalifa – Blindfolds Lyrics