Datsik, otherwise known as Troy Beetles, a dub DJ and music producer from British Columbia, Canada is back with his famed dark sinister beats to test the strength of everyone’s sound system. The entirety of Cold Blooded EP (Part 1) reflects heavy snarls and cool punchy wobbles. Each song was tested by fans in the audience while he preformed. Based on the crowd’s reaction, Datsik went back to the lab to morph each track until it was flawless. “Too Late to Say No” has the rage tempo to get the entire crowd bouncing, accompanied with Datsik’s own lyrics and vocals. Not to be over shadowed, “Vindicate,” the collaboration with fellow ominous bass fanatic Excision, has been blowing up on Soundcloud since it was dropped as a teaser for this killer EP a few months ago. Careful with the volume, this bass will make your ears bleed. Stream and download below!

Download: Datsik – Cold Blooded EP (Part 1) [iTunes]