Review written by Steven V. (@ambitouS_Vision).

Following the success of Driving 88 last year, it’s safe to say that high expectations were held for Rockie Fresh. The next project would be his first body of work released post-signing a deal with hip-hop powerhouse MMG. After a few underwhelming verses on Rozay’s The Black Bar Mitzvah, fans waited patiently to see if the young Chicago emcee would deliver on Electric Highway. And for the most part, he did.

Electric Highway seems to be a fitting name for this project, because driving on the highway can be calming and exhilarating, but it can also be somewhat frustrating. That is what the experience is like here. While Rockie’s chill flow and wordplay seamlessly blends over mostly electro-inspired production, there are some moments which are just unfulfilling. These moments usually involve the use of autotune, which just doesn’t seem to match his style and seems relatively forced.

The ride begins smoothly, as he starts the tape off strong with “The Future,” a satisfying intro track with strong production featuring one of his better hooks on the tape. When “Thick Bitch (Hit My Jack),” comes on, one cannot help but continue to nod their head as Rockie rides the beat perfectly with his laid back delivery.

“Superman OG” continues this trend and is definitely one of the standout tracks as TNGHT’s Lunice arguably constructed the best production on the tape. “Life Long” features Rick Ross in good form and Nipsey Hu$$le also delivers a solid verse, but Rockie is able to outshine both of his guests, holding his own as he gives one of his better verses heard on the project. Fellow Chicagoan Sasha Go Hard also blesses the ride with her presence on “Show Me Sumthin’” and there’s also a well-deserved, reggae inspired smoke break featuring Curren$y.

When the smoke clears, the ride hits a traffic jam and doesn’t pick up until LPeezy is able to shine on “Nobody” by sampling Clare Maguire’s “Breakage.” And “Something Special” displays a more introspective Rockie, something that the rest of the tape was sorely missing.

What also needs to be mentioned here is The Gift’s production throughout the project, which gives it a much needed cohesive feel. Without his ability to build electronic infused hip-hop around Rockie’s relaxed delivery, this project would have been lost. There is no doubt that he was the star behind the scenes.

Electric Highway accomplishes what it set out to do: mix a currently popular electronic sound with an up & coming rapper. It’s also refreshing to hear a Chicago artist getting recognition without rhyming about violence. Although there were some tracks that could have been left out, overall the mixtape was a respectable debut for MMG’s newest member.

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