Review written by Joshua P. (@DubMasterDyson).

Over the years, Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex, has been hard at work in the music game producing absolute bangers. And 2013 proves to be no different. On January 3rd, Skrillex released an abbreviated, yet powerful, three-track EP, titled Leaving.

Upon releasing the EP, Skrillex announced on The Nest, the Official OWSLA Exclusive Membership Service, that the first song, “Scary Bolly Dub,” is a song which he uses as a DJ tool and one he believes his fans deserve to have. Still your typical Skrillex-like song, it’s a rowdy track that uses older samples from previous records such as “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” in a way that brings a sense of familiarity and recognition that it is Skrillex.

However, Sonny goes onto explain that the next two tracks were last minute projects that he had created in his hotel rooms. Running off pure emotions, “The Reason” was produced in Miami and “Leaving” was produced in Mexico. Much different than previous tracks he’s released lately, these two ballads allow us to look into the mind of Sonny Moore. But, more so, poses the question as to why at this point in his career he would release these songs, and under this title?

“The Reason” is amazingly melodic and the use of the digital 8-bit sounds give the track a familiar Skrillex/12th Planet vibe. Showcasing his talents, Sonny produces a wonderful track that is beautifully mastered and provides the body with an uncontrollable urge to dance. Nonetheless, the song is not nearly as distorted and sporadic as his other tracks tend to get. If this is the direction that he is choosing to go with his music, I, personally, am with him 100%.

The next track, entitled “Leaving,” starts off with a dark and ominous intro. A vocal sample progresses with the song and the soft lyrics bring a brighter sound to the backbeat as the song evolves into something stunning. However, there is surprisingly no element of this song that can possibly be considered a “drop.” Or at least the drops Skrillex fans have come to love. By the end we discover the beautiful essence of a minimal downbeat track that gets one thinking, this could just be the beginning of a whole new style, and life outlook, for Sonny Moore.

Either you will be sorely disturbed that your boy Skrill is no longer producing his usually noisy, sporadic dubstep, or you will love the direction he seems to be going, with an understanding behind his reasons for leaving the dark vibes of the scary bolly dub world.

Listen to Skrillex’s Leaving EP below and let us know what you think in the comments.