Mad Decent and their new Jeffree’s Music Label have done it again. With already a proven track record of impressive releases, they’ve just added Sibot‘s new EP Magnet Jam to that growing list. Sibot is from Africa and has already done tracks with groups such as Die Antwoord, who have quickly climbed the ladder of fame this past year. The first track “Magnet Jam” starts the EP off right with some heavy bass, slow glitch, and other creative unique sounds to really give a feel of the EP as well as Sibot’s style. It’s followed by “No Questions,” which is a harder hitting song. Still holding true to his glitchy style of music, it gives us more use of synths and heavy dub wobbles. Finally, the EP closes with “Tronarist,” which adds elements of funk and dance giving the feel of Daft Punk-meets-glitch music. The EP takes you in many different directions, while holding true to the overall glitch feel of the EP. Keep an eye and ear out for more from Sibot in the future.

Download: Sibot – Magnet Jam Ep [Mediafire]