Although many conspiracy theories tend to fall short when it comes to presenting credible evidence to support their radical arguments, Media 3.14 Studios from Barcelona, Spain presents an intriguing argument on the wasteful consumerism that companies capitalize on for economic gain in the 21st century. Written and directed by Cosima Dannoritzer, “The Light Bulb Conspiracy” has been recognized internationally for its documentation of what they call “planned obsolescence.” Above is the trailer and below is a plot summary of the documentary. You can find out more about this crucial and untold story here.

Once upon a time… consumer goods were built to last. Then, in the 1920’s, a group of businessmen realized that the longer their product lasted, the less money they made, thus Planned Obsolescence was born, and manufacturers have been engineering products to fail ever since.

The current throwaway climate – where the latest technology is outdated after a year and electronics are cheaper to replace than to repair – is the basis for economic growth. But infinite consumption is unsustainable with finite resources. With the economy crumbling and consumers becoming increasingly resistant to the practice, has planned obsolescence reached the end of its own life?

Combining investigative research and rare archive footage with analysis by those working on ways to save both the economy and the environment, this documentary charts the creation of ‘engineering to fail’, its rise to prominence and its recent fall from grace.