Constantly shattering musical boundaries, Zeds Dead officially released their Hot Sauce EP earlier today. Whether you enjoy their traditional doom and gloom dubstep or want some lighter fare, this EP brings variety and depth but still maintains that unique eerie sound. By way of Diplo’s Mad Decent record label, this production takes you on a genre journey thorugh house, break beat, glitch-hop, tribal/reggae, and dubstep.

The EP starts off with “Demons” a dirty grind bass and wobble track that keeps the ears of dark dub fans satisfied. Its slow tempo and formidable horror movie pieces keeps Zeds Dead in tune with their past releases. With a reggae rumble heartbeat, “Mr. Sub“ may take you by surprise after the previous ominous track. Named after local sub shops in their home town, DC and Hooks gave it a deep chest-rattle kind of beat. Next up is “Playa,” that revs up the tempo once again with sirens and bells that punctuate the beat and will induce a head-bounce out of anyone. Break beating from the jungle to a remote warehouse, “Rave” is trance inducing and undeniably matchless. Bringing up the rear, “Trouble” showcases a synthy buzz and piano to create impressive haunting glitch-hop.

By the end of this creation, it’s evident why electronic music has so many sub-genres. It’s impossible to peg each song into one category. This displays the true mastery and evolution of Zeds Dead. Their ambition and passion shine through their shadowy songs and result in an invigorating and pioneering EP. Take a listen for yourself below!

Download: Zeds Dead – Hot Sauce EP [iTunes]