The raucous pop duo Cherub, composed of Jordan Kelly and Jason Huber, brought the house down in Urbana, IL two weeks ago for a show at Canopy Club. After performing to a jam-packed club, the band partied with their fans at a discrete location until 5:30AM, and then hopped in their car headed for the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. Although they were unreachable for an in-person interview, Jordan was generous enough to conduct one via email and speak on the duos behalf. Check out our exclusive interview below where he gives us insight to the duos history, their creative process, and what’s in store for the future.

UPC: For starters, why Cherub? How did you two decide on this name?

Jordan: We just thought it would make an awesome band name so we decided to use it and it has stuck.

UPC: How did you two meet and decide to make music together?

Jordan: We met going to school right outside Nashville at MTSU. We had known each other for a handful of years but were occupied with other projects until we started Cherub in 2010.

UPC: What influences brought you to make your sexy future pop sound?

Jordan: All sorts of things. Other music, movies, life. Stuff like that.

UPC: How did music become your passions? Who was your first favorite artist?

Jordan: It always has for both of us. Mine was Smashing Pumpkins. Jason’s was Justin Timberlake. But Dave Grohl is the reason he started playing guitar.

UPC: Has living in Nashville affected your music style? If so, how?

Jordan: It has definitely been great to be from a place with so much diversity in music. It has definitely influenced our sound to have stronger singer-songwriter aspects. Being around so many hard working professionals makes us step our game up as well.


UPC:  Do you find more inspiration at home or on tour?

Jordan: Everywhere.

UPC: How does Cherub go about creating a song? In other words, when you decide to make a song how does it go/what is your process?

Jordan: It starts on Jordan’s computer in Reason. We do some pre/post production in Ableton, but the magic happens when we take it out to the studio to layer the skeleton track with analogue synths, guitars, vocals, talkbox and such, and mix/master in Pro Tools. Then we break it all back down into bits and pieces to perform on stage via Ableton live.

UPC: Are you most inspired by love or heartbreak?

Jordan: [NSFW]

UPC: While working on MoM and DaD, did “Doses and Mimosas” stand out as a single? Or did the public just respond best to this song when the album was released?

Jordan: That just happened. We knew that it was a rowdy song that would catch people’s attention but we didn’t know how ridiculous it would get. Jason was afraid his parents would hate it but was stoked when he caught his dad singing the chorus when he was home last.

UPC: How did you guys end up getting in contact with Dominic Lalli to collaborate on the song “Hold Me”?

Jordan: Craigslist men-seeking-men ads. It was destined to be.

UPC: In your songs, there are many references to sex and drugs. How much do these play a part in your creative process? What helps the most?

Jordan: We like to have a good time and they play a role in inspiration for lyrics but we perform and create music sober because otherwise we wouldn’t get shit done.

UPC: What song are you most excited to play at a live performance?

Jordan: Mine is “Disco Inferno” or “Hold Me.” Jason just loves performing new songs. All the older songs get more and more fun each time we play them though.


UPC: What is the craziest thing you have ever seen on tour?

Jordan: Too many crazy things. This one time we saw a girl in a cage attached to the back of a pick up truck during a rainstorm in Mexico.

UPC: Is there a difference for you when you perform at a smaller venue like Canopy Club, versus a large festival?

Jordan: In small rooms you can smell everybody, but at festivals everyone’s smellier.

UPC: Can we expect to see you tear up the festival scene again?  The Summer Camp, Wakarusa, and Governor’s Ball announcements are exciting to say the least. Any chance you guys are funking up Electric Forest again?

Jordan: We try to play as many festivals as we can because they are such a great place to meet new people and share music. We always want to play Electric Forest because of how magical it is… It’s one of our all time favorites. (hint hint, nudge nudge tweet @electric_forest and tell them you want to see @Cherublamusica in 2013!) We are extremely excited about the festivals we have already been added onto that you just mentioned though, and are excited to see the schedule grow daily.

UPC: What’s the next step for Cherub?

Jordan: Our own soap line.

Special thanks to Jordan and Jason for answering our questions and killing it at the Canopy Club. Expect more awesomeness from these funky future pop stars.