Today’s the day. Football fans have been waiting all season to see who will make it to the big stage. Super Bowl XLVII will undoubtedly be a great match up, with the San Francisco 49ers taking on the Baltimore Ravens. We decided to get a few predictions from some members of the UPC team and see who they got taking home the trophy. See who picked who below, and then leave a comment and let us know who you got!

Carl J.  49ers 34 – Ravens 20.

9ers are a more poised and deserving team. The Ravens are riding on an overly emotional Ray Lewis’ retirement high. Overall just too much boasting from the Ravens, its almost like they’re playing to prove something to themselves. 9ers are making this seem easy, as if it were destiny.

Steven V.  Ravens 27 – 49ers 24

The culmination of this NFL season leaves us with the Harbaugh brothers, legends such as Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Randy Moss, and a quarterback who has started only 9 games before leading his team to the big one. There’s no way I can go against Ray here, because despite allegations in a murder case over a decade ago, I think he deserves to go out on top. The result will undoubtedly be close; because what other coach is going to understand your schemes and tactics better than your own brother. Baltimore leaves the N.O. champions by the slightest of margins.

Brad W. – Ravens 24 – 49ers 13

Born a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, I do not have a personal stake in whoever wins today. I will be enjoying the drama between Harbaugh v. Harbaugh, Flacco v. Kaepernick, and Ray Lewis v. Everybody. This is the Super Bowl that all football fans have been hoping for since last year. That being said, the Ravens have a more reliable offensive attack with Flacco, Rice, Boldin, and Smith and a defense that will hold the 49’ers in check all game. Baltimore over San Fransisco. Ray Lewis culminates his hall-of-fame career with yet another illustrious Lombardi. And you know he’ll be the MVP of the Game if they win, whether or not he’s a major performer.

Boswell H. – Ravens 28 – 49ers 17

I’ve gotta go with the Ravens. I’ve been a life-long Broncos fan, so I thought this year was Peyton’s year to win it again. The Ravens crushed those dreams, so I’ve got an obligation to root for them. I know Kaepernick is a whiz-kid who can run all over the place, but I’ve gotta side with Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco’s deep ball. Plus, they’re named after Edgar Allen Poe, which is pretty badass.