Our beloved A-Trak and So Me have collaborated together to create a new style for adidas Originals. The ad features “Landline 2.0,” featuring GTA, which is on the Tuna Melt Remix EP that recently dropped. Using samples from everyday street sounds, A-Trak showcases his musical talent proving once again that he’s a wonderful producer. Looks like they had some creative fun, not only with the sounds but with the amazing visual art too.

A-Trak has also released an incredible remix package to go along with his Tuna Melt EP on Fool’s Gold. The dance music guru moves forward with a sound that sticks closely to the roots, and in order to push boundaries, A-Trak collaborates with break-out-rookies to legendary artists. Check out the video, along his Tuna Melt remixes, and enjoy the sounds.