Distinct to the genre of hip-hop, likely resulting from the combative nature of the art form, emcees and rappers ubiquitously uphold their hometowns and stomping-grounds through music. Jay Shells, a graphic designer, videographer, and hip-hop junkie, recently began a “community service” project in his hometown of New York. Using a stepping stool, a set of screws, and his red rectangular signs with white text, Shell and ANIMAL remind New York of their hip-hop heritage by revitalizing street corners throughout the city with lyrics that mention the specific intersection or place of interest. Artists showcased in the video above include M.O.P., Mos Def (aka Yasiin Bey), Jay-Z and Big L in famous locales such as the Marcy projects and Big L’s mural on 140th & Lenox in Harlem. Hip-hop fanatics and urban artists alike will enjoy the simple four minute compilation of his most recent activity and promotion of the art form we all hold near and dear.