Last Saturday marked the 16th year anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.‘s untimely and tragic passing. I felt like it would be a dishonor to all the hip-hop lovers out there if the staff at UPC here didn’t do a brief mention on the great Frank White.

In a span of four years Biggie would go on to release two albums, Ready to Die and Life After Death, that would go down in the hip-hop annals as two of the greatest albums ever recorded. From his nasally, yet crystal clear flow, to his grandiose mafioso rhymes, the style of what Biggie had was one of a kind, and can never be reproduced.

While his 24 years on this Earth were shorter than everyone would have hoped, Christopher Wallace will always go down as one of the best to ever rock the mic, and his legacy will always live on. So, just take a few minutes out of your day, watch the video and remember, no one does it like Big Poppa.