What up UPC fam. Hopefully like me, you are spending the rest of your break starting today watching March Madness. If you go to Colorado then apologies for not being sorry that I hope your season ends tomorrow. But in any event, it’s Throwback Thursday, let’s learn something today.

For this edition I am going to pay homage to Marley Marl, one of hip-hop’s first super producers. Marl is responsible for producing such classic hits such as “Eric B. Is President,” “The Bridge,” and “Mama Said Knock You Out.”

Above is a video of Marl telling every rap stan how he produced “Eric B. Is President.” Although he isn’t listed as the producer, Marl did everything minus the DJ cuts. It’s breathtaking to see how under such limited circumstances, Marley Marl was not afraid to experiment with this genre that was constantly evolving and whose boundaries were no where close to being defined or set (they still haven’t been close to being defined today).

So enough of me talking, click play above and enjoy the history lesson you are about to receive.