If you’re not excited for Acid Rap and the future of Chicago hip-hop, then there’s nothing I can really do for you at this point. Chance The Rapper is about to take over the world and we are all about to witness it. Ok…maybe I’m jumping to conclusions a little fast, but it’s remarkable to see the enormous strides this dude has made in a year. I remember downloading Chance’s 10 Day tape a year ago and being floored that he wasn’t bigger than he was. His sound is unique, his raps are witty, and his charisma is on point. Not only did Chano put together a dope track with his verse, but these visuals combined with a feature from XXL Freshman Ab-Soul make one hell of a record.

I’m thinking big things from Chance in the future. This guy doesn’t seem to have a problem with progression, whether it be in style or innovation. Check out the visuals above and don’t forget to check out Acid Rap when it drops on Tuesday.