PANTyRAiD 3.15.2013

In preparation for Thursdays event at the Canopy Club, we were able to quickly chat with the wonderful and innovative artist known as MartyParty. Born in South Africa, Martin Folb traveled to the States after finishing his studies in Cape Town in order to further pursue his professional career. After his decision that the corporate world was not a correct fit for him, he took some time off  in Central America and began learning the intricacies of electronic music and laptop productions by use of Ableton. Years later, he has achieved a vast amount of acclaim in the electronic world and has traveled throughout the globe sharing his beautiful purple music with millions. Here is what he had to say in regards to our questions.

UPC: What are some things about Martin Folb that people typically do not know?

MartyParty: Hi! Thanks for doing the interview! Big up to UPC!

There are a list of things but here goes with a few of the more interesting ones – I’m South African and was born in Johannesburg. I have a BSc degree in Computer Science from U of Cape Town and came to the US to work for a dot com in Silicon Valley. Once I was over the rat race, I quit and went surfing in Costa Rica where I learned music production in my spare time. My musical work began in 2006. Oh, and I’m a Cancerian :)

UPC: What was life like in South Africa? What are some similarities and differences you observe from your experiences in the USA?

MP: SA is an incredibly amazing place – everyone needs to visit. It is a unique country – full of warmth, love and tremendous diversity. I was born and raised on a farm and grew up in the city which was a lot like Los Angeles. People don’t realize SA has HUGE cities and first world living, mixed with tremendous poverty and corruption. But overall life was very similar to the US other than there being wild animals very near the city in giant parks. I grew up 5 miles from the Lion Park and went to sleep every night to roaring lions – true story.

UPC: The first track I had heard from you was through PANTyRAiD’s “Get the Money.” At what stage of your relationship with Josh was this epic tune produced?

MP: We sat down and wrote that one in LA in 2007 shortly after beginning our album, The Sauce. It was one of the first tunes we wrote together from scratch. We dug through edIT’s (of The Glitch Mob) vinyl collection one morning and stumbled on the sample and it threw us straight into that epic bassline.

UPC: In one of the interviews I read, you replied to a question about sub genres stating,  “I just make music and I react to what I hear.” What sorts of events have been inspiring you lately in your productions and live sets?

MP: I’ve always been a trap head from day one, way before it grew popular – but my passion is singing through bassline music, with an underlying hip hop beat. I’m most inspired by the latest hip hop music coming out of the Mike Will and Lex Luger stables. These guys do not get enough credit for their unbelievable original melodies and arrangements. Still the best pure music to me. Ace Hoods’ “Bugatti” tune blew my mind. I’m writing a bassline version of that style of beat right now. There’s just so much inspiring energy and emotion.

UPC: Side-chaining another interview, were there any other steps in the purging process of your corporate personality other than music and the glory of the sun? Was it this simplification of life that brought clarity?

MP: Absolutely – I totally burned out of the corporate rat race and decided to consider a new system and lifestyle. My insanity and creativity were never appreciated in that world and I always felt unappreciated and uninspired by the politics and manipulation. I found myself clock watching just like the cliche office worker – and decided to change right after that realization. Exploring the arts and expressing myself through digital music was the channel I found. It allows me to experiment, invent, explore, and express without boundaries. I’m lucky in that I found fans who are loyal and understand what I am about – without judgement. I am able to move at my own pace and, ironically, I found a more natural existence. Music production and the arts are the paradigm of existence I know I belong in and I strive to inspire others to navigate a similar path. Get me started and I can talk all day about the benefits of self-definition through art.

UPC: Are there any other collaborations that you have been working on that you can touch on?

MP: Gosh I spent nearly 7 months working with Ooah on the new PANTyRAiD album and am only now beginning to explore the next chapter. I’m having a huge solo burst of creativity right now and I’m sketching like mad. Expect a lot of new music at my shows. Once I’m done with this solo blast I’ve got so many ideas for new collabs to explore.

Be sure to check out his latest track “Do a Trick” and stay tuned for more from this amazing artist.