2013 Jaguar F-type V-8 S

We at UPC are madly in love. The new F-Type has some of the sleekest body lines and the most aggressive shape we’ve seen from Jaguar since the E-type. Ever since we laid eyes on this beauty we’ve been curious to see how it gets on against the competition. Porsche Boxsters, Audi TTs, BMW Z4s, and Mercedes SLKs are its opponents and already we’ve decided the F-type is, by far, the best looking of the group. The luscious Jag is fitted with an assortment of three engine choices. The entry-level F houses a supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 emitting 340-horsepower. In the V-6 S, you get a stiffer suspension and other track-ready goodies as well as a boost to 380 horses. The V-8 S (top dog version) boasts a staggering 495-horsepower with 460-lb feet of torque. Jaguar recently released a short film of the F-type starring the V-8 S package and already we want to put a ring on it. The film only confirms just how stunning this car looks, sounds, and drives. If you have 13 minutes of free time to watch, we would highly recommend it.

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