Nico Segal is one of the coolest cats around. I’m talking Miles Davis amounts of cool. Nico, more famously known as the trumpet player for Kids These Days, also has a great talent for spoken word poetry and rapping. He actually put out a project last year called Illasoul: Shades of Blue. When I first heard of the project, I was skeptical of Nico’s ability behind the mic, but man did I have my mind blown. Illasoul was one of the most artistically talented projects I have listened to in recent memory. A testament to Chicago, Nico’s poetry and raps show that sometimes all we need is a reality check to realize that people can have more than one remarkable talent. Today, Mr. Segal graces us with “Sounds Like (Dilla),” which was supposed to be on that project, but didn’t make the cut. Check it out below and check out Nico’s Illasoul project here via illRoots.