In late April, Daft Punk announced “Get Lucky as the lead single off Random Access Memories, their highly anticipated fourth studio album scheduled to release early next week. However, as of yesterday, fans of the French mega duo were graciously given the ability to stream the entire album via iTunes. Easily accessible from the homepage of the albums’ website, the stream will be available for a limited time until the expected release date of May 21st.

As this is wonderful news for eager Daft Punk fans that have pre-ordered the album, there still looms the idea that there was a stream leaked before Guy-Manuel and Thomas Bangalter originally planned to release theirs. Said to be a low-quality file, the pirated version has impeded on the magnificent process that has been meticulously set forth in preparation of this masterpiece and I have personally decided that I will continue to wait until the arrival of my copy is shipped. Even with the higher quality version available through iTunes, I completely understand why people may interpret not listening as a questionable move on my part. Either way, I urge readers to make their own decision on the matter and let us know their feeings about Random Access Memories below.