I don’t know how many UPC readers are familiar with Brooklyn hip-hop/jazz collective Phony Ppl, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve been sleeping on these guys way too long. Hailing from the same high school as Joey Bada$$, Phony Ppl have stood out to me as the Kids These Days of the East coast. Now that KTD is no more, however, Phony Ppl will have to pick up a little bit of slack in their newly-forged genre.

Today, dreadlocked Phony Ppl frontman Elbee Thrie graces us with a new track called “Rubbers” from his upcoming project 53,000 in which he effortlessly flows over some live instrumentation. In an ode to every guy’s favorite form of contraception, Elbee also utilizes some sweet harmonization mixed with the exact creative nature that makes Phony Ppl so appealing. Stream the joint below and let us know what you think.