Anything that Kanye releases (or does on camera) nowadays is bound to go viral, but the other night Yeezy decided to take a different approach. To premiere his video for “New Slaves,” Ye sent a blacked out truck and a projector to several different cities across North America and premiered the video in 66 various locations; projecting the video on to the side of different buildings across those cities. Of course, Chicago was one of those cities, and on a particularly boring Friday night, I was able to venture downtown to capture some footage of the groundbreaking event.

In today’s era of smartphones and social media, Yeezy knew that his fans would take this unique way of premiering a music video and turn it into something special for the digital age. Above is the video in its entirety and below you can check out some Vines of the scene and a picture of the truck that was supplying the projector for the video.