Review written by Evan K. (@LegendarE).

I am officially bored of waiting for work to start so I am WILLINGLY doing what no sane human being should ever do unless they are paid to do so… I am going to live review French Montana‘s debut album Excuse My French. How did I like the album? Did I make it through the entire 17 songs? Only one way to find out, here we go!

1. Once In A While – Starts with a Max B phone call. French is singing with auto tune!! Finally rapping starts with a solid beat with a constant fast drum where he talks about his past, iffy intro.

2. Trap House – featuring Birdman and Rick Ross, this could go south fast. Weak hook. Typical Birdman uptown shoutout and Rozay sounds angry, not a great combination. The haunting beat is definitely mishandled, hoping the next song can make up for the first two.

3. Ain’t Worried About Nothin – Trap type drums on the beat with French chanting to start the song. Apparently he carries a lot of guns. Just bragged about having an automatic car… clearly doesn’t know that its almost 2014, everyone has an automatic car French! Definitely a car banger, French is on the board!

4. Paranoid – Young Chop on the beat featuring Young Cash, so a lot of young people on this song. Who is Young Cash btw??? Beat is definitely on point here, great drums here. Sounds like French is making a drill song, with a sing-songy chant and cut off bars, does a surprisingly good job. Definitely my favorite track so far.

5. When I Want – One of the few songs with no features. Typical French chanting on the hook, works really well for him, its infectious. I’m now bobbing my head, this song goes, French has rallied for sure.

6. Fuck What Happens Tonight – We The Best orgy with DJ Khaled and Mavado singing. Small pickup is the faint sound of horns in the background of the beat. Good hook, AND NOW COMES ACE HOOD!!! GAME OVER! Snoop Dogg Lion comes in for some reason, smh at how much he has fallen. SCARACE COMES OUT OF NOWHERE, this song is an immediate hit with Scarface on it, how French knows this many OG’s… I’ll never know. I’m liking this album???

7. Gifted – The Weeknd featured with some guitar in the background. Abel sings for nearly half the song before French enters. Typical French bars about girls, luxury, jewels, and gangster shit. Second verse about comparison to greats in society/sports. Just a very well rounded French song with an okay feature, can’t really complain or try to be funny here.

8. Ballin Out – With Jeremih and Diddy. The beat is schizophrenic and all over the place, kind of dizzying. Jeremih is rapping, which is something I don’t want to hear him do. I really want to skip this song but got three minutes left. More chanting raps which I have heard already for several tracks and it feels fairly redundant by now. Diddy raps with a Ciroc shoutout #hurtswhenbreathe, French finally takes another L here, although this song will definitely win some fans over. (There are French Montana fans?)

9. I Told Em – Production outshines French and carries the song, definitely a NY song which I have been waiting for. Not crazy about the track but it works enough for me not to bash it completely.


11. Freaks – Since Nicki Minaj doesn’t come out of the computer and dance on me, I’m gonna have to say pass on this, everytime.

12. We Go Where Ever We Want – There is a typo in the song title… as a journalism major I am appalled. The beat goes though… hard. Ne-Yo on the hook, the chef Rae makes an appearance. We would have a new favorite track here but the typo just kills me, how it got past the executives here is just ridiculous. #PretentiousCritic

13. Bust It Open – The same thing as Pop That really, not necessary/needed in the album, should have been left on the cutting room floor in my opinion. Catchy, but I’m skipping through this. Sorry French.

14. Drink Freely – featuring Rico Love, a singer that I have never heard of. This song is the obligatory ‘I’m gonna make a debut album so I have to have one song for the ladies’ track. Poor sequencing here as the past was about busting it open and this one is about spoiling your girl.

15. Throw It In The Bag – Coke Boyz song here with Chinx Drugz. Fatigue finally setting in, don’t know how much French I can listen to. The rhymes are repetitive, the themes are blending together, album becomes more homogenous. I was hoping for more of a NY vibe which French doesn’t deliver.

16. Marble Floors – This song brings me to a belief I have that I haven’t shared. Rick Ross records too much. Unlike Lil Wayne in his prime, Ross’ saturation of songs hasn’t improved him artistically. As someone who hasn’t had a truly standout album I wish Ross recorded less and focused more on fewer tracks to improve quality. Wayne is a shell of his former self, “Shoot you in the head like Abraham Lincoln.” *dead*

17. Ocho Cinco – This song is somehow about oral sex. How? I don’t fully know. What is it about the numbers 8 and 5 that makes someone think of sex. 8585858585, do you see anything????

Overall a little more than half the album bothered me from an artistic standpoint. French is too predictable and one-dimensional of an artist and should try to expand his grasp over what he is good at. The production is solid as Bad Boy put a large budget behind the boards. I’d give this a 2.25/5. But I’m just some guy on a laptop, if you really want to judge the album click here to cop the album via iTunes.