Unfortunately, the music world was rocked with the sad news of Kids These Days’ break up yesterday. Only a month removed from their March Madness Tour, the band has decided to call it quits due to artistic differences, and frontman Vic Mensa assures fans that there’s no longstanding bad blood between the band’s members. Though this is most certainly devastating news, it is very exciting to see what the kids can do on their own. To read what Vic said on the band’s breakup, check out his interview over on XXL.

Other than fellow Savemoney star Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa has the hottest flows coming out of the city right now (put that on my mama). His verse on Acid Rap’s “Coco Butter Kisses” definitely opened some eyes, but for those who are familiar with his former band Kids These Days, this advanced and attractive flow from Mr. Mensa is no surprise. “Did It B4” is a cut off of Vic’s Innanetape, which is due out sometime this summer via Chicago independent powerhouse Closed Sessions. If this track is any indication, Vic’s alter-ego the “Innanet” is definitely set to impress, showcasing a fast flow over. This is the first time Vic has done a song that was actually produced by himself, and he shines brightly on his own production. The visuals feature direction by Savemoney in-house director Austin Vesely, and they, to, are nothing short of impressive. Check out the video above and look for more from Vic Mensa as the summer progresses, and as always, #Savemoney.