Earlier this year Sony announced their Playstation 4 in a lackluster event that was low on the details. Don’t worry, though, Microsoft was apparently a little more prepared. Today in Seattle, Microsoft announced their successor to the highly popular Xbox 360 in the form of a newer, faster, quieter, and sleeker Xbox One console. The console looks to be way more integrated than anything we’ve seen in the past, including connections to Kinect, wi-fi, cable, and smartphone capability right out of the box. The console will not, however, require an internet collection, as previously thought, but will ship out with a Kinect included and run almost silently. No word yet on the release date (though it is highly assumed it will be out this year) or a price, but one can only assume it will cost a fair amount to snag one of these bad boys before they sell out. For all other info on the Xbox One, click on over to IGN for their reveal event coverage.