I’ve been familiar with Southern California-based producer GDNA for about a year, and ever since I have been, his child has been the Basement Therapy EP. While the track-list has gone through the gauntlet of changes, the end product is something that has been beautiful to see and has revolutionized my own view on things that are to come in hip-hop and music as a whole.

Basement Therapy is GDNA’s debut EP, but it plays like it was crafted by someone more established. It effortlessly blends a myriad of sounds, incorporates down tempo grooves, mellow strokes of the ivory, hypnotic hip-hop melodies, plumes of blues inspired guitar riffs, and righteous bass lines. Features are a little on the unfamiliar side for me, but that doesn’t mean they’re unimpressive. Macon Hamilton, Frank Leone, Waju and more handle their respective verses extremely well. Relax, press play, and let the mellow envelope you.

Download: GDNA – Basement Therapy (EP)