donnie trumpet

We were all heartbroken when the news that Chicago band Kids These Days had broken up hit us back in the Spring, and feared what would come from all the disembodied musicians in the group. Luckily enough for us, however, the crew was chock-full of musical talent and prowess. That is evident today, especially, with the release of Donnie Trumpet, the second solo project from former-KTD trumpet player Nico Segal.

Donnie Trumpet also features Kids These Days’ former emcee Vic Mensa on 5 of the 7 tracks, which is both expected and well executed. Nico’s trumpet is smooth and relaxing as it mixes jazz with hip-hop fluidly and artfully. You’d be doing yourself a favor by checking out this bright young star’s project (did I mention that Nico’s on tour with Frank Ocean right now?). Download and stream the dopeness below.

Download here: Nico Segal – Donnie Trumpet EP