I, like many music fans, was both sad and scared when I heard that Kids These Days had broken up. There was just way too much raw talent in that outfit to let it go to waste. We knew Vic would have a solo career, but what would happen to Nico, Liam, Macie, Greg and JP? Well, today, we get a taste of what’s to come… at least from trumpeter Nico Segal.

Though Nico’s kept busy by touring with Frank Ocean and even recording with some members of his former band, today we get to hear the first single off of his tape Donnie Trumpet, which is due out on June 25th. Chance and Vic provide simple yet intricate verses to “Zion,” which mesh with the surprisingly epic visuals nicely. Naturally, Donnie Trumpet will include some Savemoney cameos (the best kind of cameos, if you ask me) and that smooth jazz Nico’s produced in the past. Check out the video for “Zion” above.