What’s good good? And What’s good evil? What’s good gangsters, and what’s good people?

It has been a while since we’ve heard anything from (arguably) the fastest growing emcee in the nation, Chance the Rapper, who since the release of his sophomore mixtape Acid Rap has gone on to tour with the likes of Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt and is set to tour with Macklemore across Europe. If you were wondering if Chance has blown up, the answer is obvious at this point. Today, Chano from Chatham brings us the fifth video off of the very tape that has launched him into stardom: “Everybody’s Something.” While the lyrics on this joint are uplifting and hopeful, the video really shines with expert direction, executed almost flawlessly by UPC-favorite Austin Vesely. Check out the video above, and as always, #Savemoney.