lili k

Prior to listening to this My Favorite Things EP, here’s what I knew about Lili K: She sang on Chance the Rapper’s first tape 10Day (See “Hey Ma”). That’s it. I came into this listen almost entirely bathed in ignorance about the young Chicago-based jazz/pop talent. While Lili is extremely talented (one listen will reveal that to the listener), she could not produce such a gem on her own. Thus, the production on this EP, done mostly by Peter Cottontale, is top-notch and perhaps may be what makes it shine so brightly.

While a lot of the lyrics and musicality are borrowed from already existing  jazz classics (“Summertime” and “Fly Me To The Moon”), Lili’s creativity is evident throughout the tape. The added drums and trumpet from Nico Segal and Greg Landfair (of Kids These Days) hold down the backbone of the EP, while Lili’s voice is a sweet compliment. Stream and download the EP below.

Download: Lili K – My Favorite Things (EP)