A Color Map of the Sun

Derek Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty Lights, has finally unleashed to the world his latest album,  A Color Map of the Sun, after a long awaited several years. Chock-full of that specific Pretty Lights vibe and an overall beautifully mastered composition, the album seems to bring the listener to a special place of serenity and tranquility. For those who have been fearing the direction that most major artists have been producing, A Color Map of the Sun provides, for lack of a better euphemism, a much needed breath of fresh air.

Demonstrated by the album art and “The Making Of …” documentary, Derek and his crew have been passionately working on the creation of this wonderful piece of musical art since it first started in Derek’s head towards the beginning of 2011. With over two years of meticulous production and musical manipulation, the album is finally starting to enchant the airwaves and the PL family could not be more ecstatic.

On the interior front cover, Derek provides his explanation and reasons for A Color Map of the Sun. Previously, he would use live instrumentation along with electronic synthesis of sampled vinyl records. But for this new project, he took the first year “making vinyl, creating sounds, recording vocals and learning how to use an analog modular synth,” that he built himself. The next year was devoted to arranging those sounds into songs. He imitated the recording process of classic soul record labels of the sixties by recording entire bands on stereo tape with all analog gear in a single room, no computers, no multi-tracking. With this vintage approach to modern music production, Derek developed a newfound relationship between sound and his amazing ability to infuse a vast amount of genres into one cohesive unit.

In his heartfelt “Thank You” message on the interior back cover of his album, Derek goes on to show his infinite appreciation for everyone who has worked with him during the last couple years. He concludes to his loyal fans, “I make this music for us; without all of you, there is no way this album would have ever materialized. Keep it fresh. Peace.” With these well-thought out words, we are shown how much Derek truly understands his destiny and may the world be graced with his beautiful music.

“It’s all life and it’s all beautiful.” ~Derek Vincent Smith

Download: Pretty Lights – A Color Map of the Sun (Album)