Review written by Evan B. (@ItsEvanBrown).

AraabMUZIK was recently the victim of a shooting in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, but nothing can hold him back from his passion: making incredible beats. His first release after the incident, titled The Remixes: Vol. 1, is most definitely proof of that. His ability to find an engaging part of a song and flip that into an absolute banger is on display more than ever, as all but two of the songs on the album are remixes of someone else’s track.

The first song on the album is his take of the popular dubstep duo Mt. Eden’s hit single “Sierra Leone.” He transformed their 2009 hit, chopping up the heavy dubstep tune into a much more melodic, clean sound. Nothing wrong with the original, but it’s evident that Araab is more advanced with his drum patterns and rhythms than Mt. Eden, or perhaps just all other EDM artists in general. For the second track, he flipped Brass Knuckles’ “Bad Habits” into a completely new sound, loaded with slamming bass and his audio insignia: that eerie scream (he dropped a video for that which you can check out here). The third song is a remix of the Steve Aoki/Travis Barker/Cudder “A Kid Named Cudi.” This song really grasps you, especially when Araab drops the Cudi vocals about 2 minutes in and the beat picks its pace up.

The new trap scene has been well documented as of late, but the sound is nothing new to the MVP of the MPC. He’s been on the cutting edge of this production style for years. His mastery is on complete display with the fourth track “Keep it in Motion,” with the grimy, hard-hitting percussion that we’ve grown to expect from him. The subsequent song “Cognitive Dissonance” is one of the finest on the album, with an eerie tune that he drops some absolutely mind-blowing snares & high hats on. This one sounds very similar to the Wolfgang Gartner hit, but with those thunderous drums that are Araab’s go-to.

The range of sounds and styles that Araab uses are another reason why he is one of the best producers in the game. He first gives us his version of the mega dubstep hit “Cinema” from Skrillex, immediately followed by his remix of the Wolfgang Gartner and Omarion track, “Still My Baby” which sounds more like an east coast hip hop banger. His variety is evidenced even more greatly in the following song “Chronicles of a Fallen Love,” which is a much more chill sound and a different vibe from the previous two beats.

“Darkside” is one of two tracks that Araab did not remix from another artist (the other being “Keep it in Motion”). One of his greatest skills is his aptitude of using a bunch of different sounds and making it sound tidy, which he does fantastically on this joint. The haunting sounds take a captivating turn when the singing starts in the background. He instantly switches that dark mood up with the next instrumental though, where he sampled the 1981 Taana Gardner disco hit “Heartbeat.” It’s always fascinating to hear him do something different, and that’s exactly what this funky sounding song is. In all my years of listening to him, I’ve never heard an Araabmuzik song that sounds like this. The last track on the album is “Keep it in Motion,” just with Chase’s raps on it.

Overall, this is one of AraabMUZIK’s best projects to date. It has more of an Electronic Dream feel to it, which his fans, new & old, will love. Very comprehensive, very rangy, very good. He continues to blur the lines of EDM and hip hop with his transcendent sound. You can purchase the digital release only album here.