Last night in NYC, Pusha T held the listening party for his upcoming album My Name Is My Name. The night took an interesting turn when Kanye West decided to speak his peace to all those in attendance. After a cut in the music Kanye took the mic and argued that everyone’s flow, swagger, and style today is directly from The Clipse, and that they receive no respect for what they have done to rap’s culture. And for the most part, I have to agree with what Kanye is saying here.

The Clipse have always been at the darker spectrum of hip-hop’s sound with haunting piano keys accompanied by their former street tales; in addition to their fashion, which has always been trendsetting as well. I can’t remember any artist who wore BAPE before The Clipse and I can’t remember a rapper deciding to go all black before Pusha-T, which is now rap’s newest phenomenon.

Listen to Kanye’s words, digest them, understand where he is coming from, and learn something in the meanwhile.