In honor of Champaign-Urbana’s upcoming Pygmalion Music Festival being held from September 26th to 28th, we decided to give our readers a preview of what acts we’re looking forward to checking out this year. Read a couple of our editors selections below and be sure to view the full lineup here. Tickets are still available!

MajorLazer_largeMajor Lazer

I am beyond excited to see Major Lazer at Pygmalion Music Festival this year. These producers have been deemed as twerk kings in the EDM scene and know how to throw down an exciting show. From their album Free The Universe, to their hit single, “Bubble Butt,” Major Lazer bring twerking to another dimension. – Mariya I.


Youth Lagoon

While I’m not crazy about their last album, Youth Lagoon’s debut was in constant rotation on my iPod for a solid year. I’m not saying that they should produce beats, but if they did, I’m betting they’d be hot. If you’re in a chill mood, catch these guys at Pygmalion. – Boswell H.



Rockie Fresh

Chicago native and MMG signee Rockie Fresh has been putting out a steady wave of music as of late, and is looking to keep making an imprint on the game with the latest MMG album. I’ve yet to see him live but I expect him to put on an exciting performance with some of his bangers, including the latest “Panera Bread.” – Djordje G.


The Struggle

Featuring local MCs Klevah, Swords, and Jay Moses, The Struggle has almost no digital presence whatsoever. No Facebook, no Twitter, no website, no nothing, which is going to make this performance quite rare. If Jay’s or Klevah’s solo efforts are any indication, however, putting them together with a live band could be really dope, especially when that band includes local stars DJ Belly and Isaac Arms. Catch these guys opening for Rockie Fresh. – Boswell H.



When one sees Elsinore for the first time, they almost always wonder why they aren’t a bigger deal than they are. I’ve been an Elsinore fan for about 5 years and I still am asking myself that same question. Frontman Ryan Groff’s booming vocals are certainly on par with any other band at this festival, and I’m sure the local favorites will destroy their set. – Boswell H.



Foxygen seem like a bit of an enigma to me. While their freshman album has garnered tons of critical acclaim (mostly from the hipster-bible, Pitchfork), I’ve personally been waiting for them to really catch on. Their debut album was packed with memorable and quotable tracks, and from what I hear, they put on a hell of a live show. I’m looking forward to being able to put some faces to the sounds I hear from these guys. – Boswell H.