I can only imagine the crazy year it’s been for Vic Mensa. Just 11 months ago, his band Kids These Days dropped their first full-length project, Traphouse Rock. The project went on to premiere on Rolling Stone and garnered much success. This, plus an appearance on Conan and healthy touring experience made the band look like it was here to stay for a long time. Then, over the summer, Kids These Days broke up (R.I.P. KTD) and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Citing artistic differences, the band went in all different directions. What did this mean for Vic, though? He had arguably the best natural rapping talent of any person I’ve ever met, let alone heard.

I’m happy to say that today, we get to see what the man can do on his own. Calling on his alter ego “The Innanet,” Mr. Mensa has created his second solo tape, aptly named Innanetape. Featuring the likes of Chance the Rapper, Kenna, Ab-Soul, and many more, Innanetape is the second big Savemoney release of the year (following Chance’s Acid Rap, of course). I hesitate to compare the two because they are not one in the same. With that being said, though, Vic has never disappointed me. I think if you give it a listen, it will inspire you just as these guys have inspired me for the past year. As always, Savemoney.

Download: Vic Mensa – Innanetape (Mixtape)