UPC recently had the honor of interviewing Mark Hill from The Floozies. The fraternal duo from Lawrence, Kansas provides their music at a time when it’s arguably needed most. Much like GRiZ and Big Gigantic, two acts that they have frequented the stage with their rise to fame, Matt and Mark Hill use live instrumentation, along with their roots in funk, to provide the audience with an energetic and futuristic journey of smooth grooves and crunchy beats.

If you haven’t had the chance to catch them live yet, be sure to check their tour dates to see if they’ll be in a city near you! But in the meantime, check out our exclusive interview below.

UPC: What is your favorite aspect in music?

Mark Hill: I think that live music is my favorite aspect in music, especially improvising. I enjoy flying off the feedback of my fans and the crowd and just playing what ever comes to mind… I would say that’s my favorite part.

UPC: How have you evolved your music to sound so funky?

MH: Well… that kind of just happened naturally. It’s how we grew to be. The evolution of us playing funky was always funky. I mean it’s gotten better than it was in the beginning. We definitely fine tuned it.

UPC: Wow, that’s awesome. Who and what are your musical influences that encouraged the sound that you two produce?

MH: There’s a lot. We pretty much listen to everything… from country to blue grass to rap and hip-hop to electronic music. But growing up it was the old school Cool & The Gang and stuff like that. Later in college we got more into electronic music. Well I was in college… I think the first electronic album I heard was the very first VibeSquaD album and then we started incorporating that… like VibeSquaD and Pretty Lights combined with our upbringing of funk.

UPC: VibeSquaD and Pretty Lights are dope. Straying away from music… If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be and why?

MH: I would definitely would fly. It’s the standard answer, I know… but who doesn’t want to fly? That would just be amazing!

UPC: Let’s talk about your song “Love, Sex and Fancy Things.” What is your usual process on producing a song with your brother? 

MH: Well, honestly, Matt does most of the production and I hang around when he does it.I’m just the drummer. I know that’s lame but he just kind of get’s ideas and runs with them and then bounces them off of me. There is no one particular process for producing a song.  Sometimes, it’’ll be a vocal sample that triggers a song idea or sometimes, it’ll be a guitar part. Whenever the inspiration comes, we just run into the basement and lay it down.


UPC: Do you guys have a similar taste when it comes to making music?

MH: Yeah we do. It’s kind of weird and it’s what makes it easy playing with my brother. We have the exact same vision musically. Growing up, we were always best friends and didn’t really fight at all. We listened to the same music and had a lot of the same friends… because he had always been a little immature and I’ve always been kind of mature. We’ve balanced out and hang out all the time. It’s very very rare, if ever, where we don’t like the same music or I don’t like an idea that he has. But, I don’t think that ever actually happened.

UPC: Have you guys grown up with a musical background?

MH: We both played jazz in college and can play the piano. I wouldn’t say we had classical music training but I took some drum lessons. Matt really got into jazz… He’s like a prodigy of jazz guitar at K-State. There was a really good teacher there under the name of  Dr. Wayne Goins, who took him under his wing. For a while, they would practice the guitar for 8 hours a day just for these jazz programs. I played the drums for the program as well, but he graduated and I dropped out. We really got into jazz for a while but we soon got back into our funk roots, like we did when we were little kids.

UPC: On your playlist, what are your top 3 songs right now?

MH: [Laughs] Well it’s actually kind of funny. I’ve been listening to George Strait a lot. And… let me think… I‘ve been also listening to Kendrick Lamar. I listen to a lot of weird stuff.  My go to when I’m hanging around at the house and want to put music on is Lettuce, a funk bang from New York. George Strait, Kendrick Lamar and Lettuce I guess is my most recent… I’ve also been digging the new Justin Timberlake stuff.

UPC: Now that your touring non-stop, what has been the most difficult aspect to adjust to while on the road?

MH: Well I’d say getting sleep and eating right are definitely really hard on the road. We don’t leave a venue until 3 in the morning, and we are expected to drive 8 hours the next day. A lot of times, they want us there at 4 PM but usually doesn’t happen. Yeah getting sleep is an issue and we miss our family and friends, but we get over it. Sometimes we are a little strung out but we’re getting better now.

UPC: Who has been your biggest supporter in your musical career?

MH: Our family really. Before we were in the Floozies, my brother had an alternative rock band. My dad would drive them all over Kansas in his truck and would unload their gear for them. My family has been a huge support. They go to our local shows and help us with what we needed. The first few local shows is what got us to where we are now. Our friends helped spread the word for us. We just have a really good team of support around here, and the group who we work us really helps get on board.

UPC: From playing house parties in Lawrence to rocking the stage at Wakarusa, what kept you going through the years?

MH: We always believed in what we did. We didn’t even think of having a backup plan. What kept us going was knowing that we were good at what we did and that’s what we wanted to do. We did what ever it took to keep going.

UPC: Can you give us a word of advice for those aspiring DJs and producers?

MH: I would like to say don’t take anyone’s advice. We tried to avoid that. Because a lot of times, people don’t think you could do it. If you know you can do it, just go ahead and do it.

UPC: I could keep asking you a million questions, but I’d say that’s the perfect place to stop. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to seeing you perform in Urbana. Keep rocking your sound. 

MH: Any time! Peace.

If you still haven’t had  a chance to check out the Floozies recent tracks, feel free to  jam to their Soundcloud below.