Unless you were living under a rock at the time, you remember Jeremy Lin‘s record-breaking string of games in February 2012. Lin’s stellar play set off a phenomenon appropriately dubbed Linsanity, which started off as the biggest story in the sports world and morphed into a worldwide cultural event. And while that part of the point guard’s life has been well-documented, there’s a whole lot more to Lin’s story that goes unnoticed.

Linsanity: the Movie is an in-depth look into the Jeremy Lin narrative, “capturing never-before-seen footage of him at the highest and lowest points in his basketball career,” according to the film’s Facebook page. Directed by Evan Leong, the documentary was screened at Sundance and SXSW and is now making its way to the Carmike 13 theater in Champaign on November 14th. This is sure to be a dope flick, so don’t sleep. Check out the event’s Facebook page, and reserve your tickets here.