If you would have talked to me about rap in middle school or high school, I would have passionately supported Lupe Fiasco as something like the “best rapper of all time period ever no questions asked.”  Though now my opinions on Lupe have cooled (mostly due to a few various episodes as well as Lasers), his first two albums will easily be among my favorites in hip-hop history. Today, he brings us “Old School Love,” the first single off of his upcoming 5th album Tetsuo & Youth. It’s not blowing me away, but it’s definitely a good joint with decent Lupe lyricism (and a very… interesting feature choice).

I’ve heard too many people say “Lupe’s back” at various times in my life to personally make that claim, but I’m hoping this album surprises me, because deep down, Lupe will always be one of my favorite emcees. Check out the song below.