blue chips 2

Action Bronson has paired with versatile producer Party Supplies for their follow up to 2012 hit Blue Chips. As evidenced by prior releases (SAAAB STORIES, Rare Chandeliers, etc.), Bronsolino has made it clear that he likes having one producer for each of his projects, most likely to maintain a consistent sound throughout the mixtape/album (something I think more rappers should do).

Bronson is a rare breed in today’s watered down hip hop game. His seemingly effortless ability to make you “ooh” and “ahh” while still providing plentiful chuckles and laughs is reminiscent of older and better days in hip hop. Oh, and not one MC in the history of rap can hold a candle to his gourmet food references.

Peep the hilarious video trailer for the album here and his interview with Noisey here. Download the project below.

Download: Blue Chips 2 (Album) [LiveMixtapes]