Champaign-Urbana rappers are kind of an enigma. On one hand, hip-hop is big down here, especially with UIUC being right here and all. On the other hand, however, there are very few who put professional work into their craft. While a lot of kids just like to rap, locals Frank Leone, Jay Moses, Young Blu, and the rest of The Gr8 Thinkaz definitely take their crafts to the next level. At the end of last week, one of my favorite local emcees (from the Gr8 Thinkaz crew), Klevah, dropped some visuals for her track “Lovely” from her freshman tape The W8. The track itself is a lyrical journey, and at times seems takes heavy influence from spoken word instead of stereotypical rap music, a welcome change-of-pace, if you ask me. Check out the visuals above, and make sure you listen to the words. #Gr8