U of I’s student body is hurting. By now, you should be aware of Cliff Alexander‘s decision to play for Kansas next season. While you certainly can’t knock the guy for wanting to play under Bill Self, it’s the manner in which Alexander made his choice which crushed the souls of Illini basketball fans. On Friday afternoon in his hometown Chicago, the 18-year-old big man sat at a microphone-filled podium, flanked by his mom and dad (who, by the way, was rocking sunglasses. INDOORS. Who does that?), and proceeded to reach for the Illinois hat — PICK IT UP — only to then set it down and put on the KU hat instead. A truly classy move indeed. I mean, Cliff’s Twitter handle is @humblekid11 and he pulls a move like that on national television. Yeah, you’re real humble, brah.

Anyways, the GIF made its rounds on the internet all day, a source of hilarity for everyone but the U of I faithful. When questioned about the pump fake, Alexander said that it was a teammate’s idea and that he meant no disrespect to Illinois head coach John Groce and the program. But the damage was done. Not to mention, yesterday’s salt in the wound was four-star point guard Quentin Snider‘s decision to jump ship and sign with Louisville after committing to U of I back in September, a big blow to our 2014 recruiting class.

Illinois is no stranger to heartbreak when it comes to basketball recruits — Eric Gordon, anyone? But yesterday afternoon’s debacle was especially hard to take. In order to show just how PO’d people were after Cliff’s little hat trick, we’ve compiled a list of tweets sent to the 6’8″ power forward. Check out footage of the stunt below, as well as below the tweets to see reaction videos from the AEPi house and members of the Orange Krush, which made their way to Deadspin. Try your best not to cringe while doing so.

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