Yes, the ascent of Savemoney has been marked by the monumental explosion of Chance The Rapper and the subsequent (less emphatic) explosion of Vic Mensa. Though these two are without question the most exposed and publicized of the clique, Joey Purp and Tokyo Shawn (and fellow Savemoney emcees Kami de Chukwu and Caleb James) are right behind them. To see the progression of Tokyo and Purp over the past year has been impressive to say the least.

Tokyo went from playing covers of Soulja Boy to having one of the hottest videos of this year, directed by one of my personal favorites, Peter Campbell. He’s shown that he’s more than just a gimmick and that he has true lyrical prowess and a wealth of potential. Purp, on the other hand, has progressed from a laid-back rapper to a flow that is backed with more aggression and meaning than before, making him one of the most versatile rappers from Chicago. The two came together to bring us “World Turning,” a collaboration that was actually released a little while ago. Check out the Verluxe-directed visuals above and let us know what you think, and as always, Savemoney (one word).