Yesterday, on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Amazon CEO Jeffry Bazos revealed the next evolution in delivery efficiency: packages delivered by drones, or Amazon Prime Air, as it was aptly named. If you’re like me, the first thing that pops into your head is the controversial aircraft used by the military to carry out operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Fortunately for us, however, Amazon will not be delivering packages by death-plane, but rather by a quadricopter.

The program, which is said to offer a 30 minute delivery time, would only be able to work in places that were within 10 miles of a distribution center, but it could prosper in urban, high-density population areas. A ton of problems arise with this technology (like what’s stopping these things from getting shot out of the air all the time, for example), but look for it to be developed and most likely really awesome, in the near future.