Ron Burgendy (Will Ferrell), the top-rated anchorman for San Diego’s Channel 4 News, emerged as a guest anchor on North Dakota’s KX News on Saturday, November 30th. Ron put aside his jazz flute and glass of Scotch to do news as news is suppose to be done, co-anchoring a news program that discussed everything from mustaches to on-ice hockey brawls. Mr. Burgendy began the newscast by asking Amber Schatz, KX New’s true anchorwoman, if she was married, warning her to “not get any ideas.” Ron may have been all business, but the rest of the KX News team could not keep their composure, cracking smiles and laughing throughout the broadcast. Champ, Brian, Brick, Veronica, and Baxter fail to make an appearance, but admittedly this was only a “warm-up” for what is to come later this month. Look for Mr. Burgendy to continue making news in the long-awaited sequel to his 2004 film on December 18th in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. The video above includes highlights from the broadcast, but you can view the entire clip via KX New’s website.