Twenty 14

UPC-favorite Frank Leone subtly (or not-so-subtly) rings in the new year with an aptly titled joint called “Twenty 14.” Hinging on jazz influences, Frank embellishes his track of the year with 68 of his best bars to date. Stepping up to the podium, the Illinois-based emcee addresses his building buzz, the scrutiny on his generation, Lorine Chia’s mesmerizing voice, and much more. The record ends with a jaw-dropping Kendrick Lamar Diss in response to his now famous “Control” verse, leaving Frank even gasping for air at the finish line (for the record…Kendrick is one of Frank’s favorite rappers).

This new track is not on Leone’s upcoming self-produced album #EnterWILD, but expect the next single from the project to drop very soon, alongside collaborations with Ibn Inglor, Martin $ky, GDNA, and more.